Thursday, 17 November 2011

Short Hairstyles 2011

Short Hairstyles 2011, Short hairstyles can really make you look chic but only of you know how to carry it since it is different from the conventional but nowadays women find it convenient to have a shorter hairstyle than a longer one since a short hairstyle is far more easy to maintain than a longer one. It gives a compact look and it can go with any kind of hair, be it curly or straight short hairstyle, definitely consider and discuss it with your hairstylist but do not be hell-bent to get that particular one because 

 look good with it since any hairstyle that you get should underline and accentuate the good features of your face and draw least attention towards the not-so-good features Women who have a long face should go for styles that have blunt ends so that the face looks wide because short hairstyles otherwise make your face look longer. Since most of you have a long neck and the moment your neck shows, it gives your face an effect of length.