Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Short Hairstyles for Women 2011

New Short Hairstyles for Women 2011, fine hair, this style will make it look thicker. However, it does not work well with curly hair, unless you're willing to straighten your hair frequently. Get your hairstylist to create a few bangs over the brow and to give you a blunt line. choose to get a more severe fringe, it will sharpen the overall look. This style looks best with square or oval shaped faces. If you have a very round face, get a longer version.

This haircut is ideal for very straight hair. To get that gamine, face-hugging effect, the longest length of a piece of hair should be about one inch above the chin. If you have a round face, the hair should be kept longer than chin length, and a little longer at the nape of the neck, to create a balanced look. have spiral curls, make sure that your hairstylist doesn't cut it too short. Curly hair tends to retract, hence keep the length at your cheekbones. You can get a choppy effect by cutting each individua