Thursday, 17 November 2011

Funky Short Hairstyles For Women

Funky Short Hairstyles For Women, hairdo includes a normal bob cut with the front hair bangs angled towards either of the cheeks. mostly worn and made known by Paris Hilton.  the funky short hairstyles with bangs, which looks good on short or medium fine hair. thinking of funky short hair styles for black women, this hairdo is considered most appropriate most popular haircut among all funky short hairstyles. consists of cutting the hair to shorter lengths and keeping them relaxed on the crown, much like any ordinary boy cut.

 With using hair styling products, you can certainly style such short hair in different patterns and styles. You also have the option of spiking up the hair haircut, layering of hair are made on the head with bangs on the forehead till the eyes. The ends of all hair are chipped off to give a textured look. So it looks graduated at the top, and shaggy at the ends. This style is appropriate for people having oblong or oval faces